WE FOUND HIM! Coming up on #FOX29GoodDay we're talking with this All-Star Dad who caught the HR ball while holding his baby at last night's @Phillies game https://t.co/pJS7heal4y

— FOX 29 (@FOX29philly) July 24, 2018

We were sitting right behind him. The baby's mother/his girlfriend was sitting to his left w the ball going directly at her. It was a great reaction from him to catch the ball so it didn't hit her, while also shielding the baby...to those who comment on him putting baby in danger

— Lita Schmitt (@LitaWords) July 24, 2018

@Phillies To the guy who caught the bare handed home run ball while holding the baby...... nice snag buddy! That was an impressive back handed catch across you body while not dropping the child. I’m sure the wife must have been proud of the effort......?

— Derek Bigelow (@BigDinYYC) July 24, 2018

I struggled to do the simplest of things for my kid when he was a little baby so I sure as hell would not have been able to successfully bring him to a Phillies game, hold him in one hand and catch a home run with the other...

— OB from New Jersey (@OBfromNJ) July 24, 2018